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GroWing Consultancy is an international company founded in 2021 by Roberta Migliore, which has as its primary objective the business development of companies and startups. The team's experience and passion made it possible to create an innovative consultancy service capable of promptly identifying the relevant problems within the company and generating practical solutions to position its services and products within the global market.

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Our methodology


Our methodology, the result of more than 15 years of experience, allows us to identify in a short time all the breaking points of a business and to generate customized solutions for every type of customer, market and country.


We are an international company, we have worked with clients from Europe, East and SouthEast Asia, Middle-East, Africa, North and South America. Our team is specialized in the management of large international projects as well as small start-ups and in the positioning of brands and products within the global market.


We are not only consultants; in fact, thanks to our network of partners, we can offer integrated marketing services that are digital as well as traditional on all five continents. an integral marketing service both traditional and digital in all 5 continents. Our experience allows us to develop 360-degree marketing plans to strategically position brands and products.

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